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The Love You’ve Been Looking For

The month of February is mostly associated with the celebration of Valentine’s Day. You can find Valentine’s sale in the mall or in online store. Social media status talks about romantic love and even TV commercials participate in the valentine’s celebration.

For some of us, this day is a big deal and for some, it’s not. Maybe because, we have different perspective and understanding what love is all about. I heard in a certain program that most of the teens today are going into a romantic relationship because of the pressure brought by media. In fact, some are in a relationship just to say or shout out to the world that they have boyfriend or girlfriend. In today’s generation you can barely find someone who is not in a relationship.

I came across a video that talks about what really love is and I want to share it with you. This is a really a series form Victory church. I hope all of us will be guided.

Week 1: Selfless: The Love You’ve Been Looking For
“The root source of our gravest challenges—both socially and environmentally- is a crisis of relationship. The tear in our relationship fabric is apparent in every area of our lives. We’ve got a lot to learn about how to be in relationship in a way that is not only enduring, but can help us to heal our personal and societal wounds”-Nina Simmons (Cultivating Relationship Intelligence)

Week 2: Selfless: The Marriage You’ve Been Looking For
“It’s not the love that sustains the marriage but it’s the marriage that sustains the love.”- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

A Wink from the Universe

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Semester End

This week marks the end of the first semester of school year 2016-2017. For some, it is the relieve week, for some it is the final judgement and for some it is the most hectic week. Whatever this week is, we should bear in mind that this week is not the end, not the end of learning.


8:30 E-Commerce Class 2016 under sir Karlo at SABM, SLU, Maryhieghts, Bakakeng Campus

During this semester I learned a lot not merely on academic lessons but also on attitude, behavior and how to work with other people. Along with it, I was frustrated, I laughed, I cried, I was hurt, learned to empathize and most of all thankful for they had helped me to develop my social skills, values and attitudes.

I worked with young mothers who have challenging obligations at home. I heard their stories from the time they were in loved, on how fool and crazy they are when it comes to love, on how careful they were when they were pregnant, on how happy they were when they first heard the loud cry of their child, and on how it’s hard to be a mother. “It’s hard to be a mother when you leave your child with your parents seeing them cry because you are going to be apart just for a while. It’s hard to make school requirements when your child is always on your back, embracing your legs and arms laughing at you while you are taking a video resume. It’s really hard to be a mother, yet it’s fulfilling. “


From left to right are Marian, me, Irish and Dianne during our classroom team building for Advertising class after we finished making the trail for a ball.

I worked with working students who have limited time when making school requirements. I saw them coming at school with their bag stocked with their company uniform, toothbrush, toothpaste, and make-up to cover the lines brought by the lack of sleep. I saw them inside the jeepney with their heads swaying along with the ups and downs of the road, with their eyes close, with their hair covering their face. I also saw them sleeping inside the classroom while the teacher is sitting and reading aloud her powerpoint presentation. I have seen them running along the corridor in order for them not to get late in the next class. From them, I have seen their determination on their dreams despite of the challenges in life.



The winners (Chris, Jam, me and John, the others are from other groups) during the mini grocery store simulation with ma’am Carmina, Mktg 7 instructor.

I worked with students who are older and younger than me. I heard the shouts and screams of the young ladies as they stare through the window as their crush is on his way. I have seen how the gentlemen react to the scene. I saw their face, completely blank, as if telling them that the guy is a no one. I also heard the conversation of these men. I heard them laughing at the unshaven armpit of their beautiful ma’am, the purple underwear of the old woman, and other silly and funny things about woman.



I, Kim and Berneth during street lantern parade.

On the four walls of the room, I heard clearly the anger of my professors. I heard them say that we are no one, that the only thing that we are good at is browsing the internet, surfing Facebook, copy pasting, that we don’t exert effort in doing our requirements and the list goes on. From these, the challenge goes on, for who they are to define the future of our generation-the millennials?
This semester will be over with the different experience- experience that brings us closer to our dreams in life.

Baguio City Mini Tour

I have been here in Baguio City for almost four years. But due to busy school schedules, I don not have much time to visit Baguio’s tourists spots. But last December 8 around 4 in the afternoon, I and my classmates/friends decided to visit Mines View Park and Wright Park.

Mines View Park


The park overlooks the mining town of Itogon particularly Benguet’s gold and cooper mine. You can also take a picture with the Benguet’s costume, horses and with the beauty of the natural environment.

Wright Park


The park’s main feature is the elongated rectangular body of water called “Pool of Pines”.The park is fronting the main gate of the popular Baguio’s “The Mansion”. Riding the pony is the most popular activity in the place.

SLU Celebrates 105th Foundation Anniversary

Saint Louis University, one of the respected universities in the Philippines celebrated its 105th foundation anniversary last November 26 to December 3, 2016. Various activities were done throughout the week with the participation of students and other organizations.



This is a social responsibility of the the university. Funds collected from the activity goes to Halfway Home for  Boys, a program providing services to 5-7 years old who experienced abuse, abandonment and/or neglect.


This is me right after the 5 kilometer run (actually walk)


The different schools of the university opens or allows other students to go to different schools even if he or she is not enrolled in the particular program.


This is the School of Engineering version of the Hogwarts. On my right side is my classmate, Kim.


As an official opening of the Christmas season for the university, Christmas lighting is done every year, also during the university’s foundation day.


From left to right is Nina, an exchange student from Jinan University; Berneth, me and Kim. This is taken around 5 PM while we are waiting for the Christmas lighting.


Students assembled around the Christmas Tree while  waiting for the lighting.


The SLU Christmas Tree lighted at around 6 in the evening.


This parade is one of the awaited event in the city of Baguio. This serves as the official opening of the Christmas season in the city.This is also a competition of each school or department of Saint Louis Institution.


(From left to right) Me, Kim and Berneth, taking picture as we move along on the crowded street following the lantern parade participants.

There are other activities during the foundation, unfortunately I haven’t attend or participate on all of them. I hope I can attend all of it on our school’s 106th Foundation.

The Art of Giving Feedback

megaphone-319x186May it be in our workplace, in school and in our daily life, we need to know how people think of us or of our work. The purpose of asking other people’s opinion about us should not be taken negatively. It doesn’t mean that we should get their approval in our actions or in our work; you still have the freedom to follow you instinct, to follow your heart. But what if by means of their criticism and feedback, we may able to turn ourselves into a far better version of us. The only problem I see in receiving feedback is that, sometimes it hurts us, our ego and our emotions and the worst, it kills us

“This is not a creative brief, and you copy pasted this part” this is what my instructor uttered upon seeing my proposal. I was shocked, hurt and barely think, despite of it I was able to contradict her (because I know that I did not copy paste it). At that time, I just wanted to be flashed by the wind; I just wanted to be away from that place, from the embarrassment. I wanted to defend myself but I can’t. What is her basis that my work came from the internet without even reading a paragraph? There are so much questions running on my mind that time and there are also lots of self-negativity responses floating around.

In a workplace, there is such thing called as art of giving feedback. This recognizes that the company care for their people, thus they should be treated in the most caring and effective way. A year ago, I worked as a customer representative and I also get feedback from customers, clients and my coaches. Most of the feedback I got were harsh as well but the way it was delivered to me is not that harsh. It was communicated to me in a way that I will be able to understand, reflect and learn from it and it was effective. From these feedback, I was able to change and improve my work performance.

I have been thinking, what if my instructor didn’t talk to me that way? Would I still be the student of her who believes in everything she says? If class is like a company, would I submit my resignation letter right away and look for another teacher who can guide me through the way?

What if the modern corporate’s art of giving feedback will be adapted by educators for them to inspire their students? Would this create a better learning environment for learners?